Doe Deere: Innovative Fashion Extraordinaire

The fashion industry has many people setting rules and styles for the masses to adhere by. For many us, these fashion does and don’ts help guide us to how we should wear our makeup. Some individuals, however, don’t adhere to these generally followed standards. These people are self appointed unicorns. Bustle recently interviewed the innovative fashion extraordinaire, and self appoint queen of the unicorns, Doe Deere.

During the interview, Ms. Deere lists her favorite fashion rules to break. She also includes colorful and imaginative ways that she personally breaks these so called rules. Some of her favorite ways to “live outside the box” is to wear bold eyes with bold lips. She also enjoys mixing colors and patterns. Socks with open toed shoes is another fashion blunder that she enjoys pulling off. Ms. Deere also stated that she does not agree with the fashion rule that wild hair means a person should tone their wardrobe down. Rather, she stated a person should be aware of how the colors clash or blend.

Born in Russia, the 34 year old entrepreneur was raised in New York City. As a young child she was often seen with a paintbrush in hand. As a young girl she loved colors but was fairly conservative with her makeup. She spent her 20s working various administrative jobs but never found one that felt quite right. She dreamed of starting her own line of makeup for several years before setting out to achieve her dream.

Doe Deere began dabbling with making makeup and started an Ebay store in 2004 to begin selling her homemade makeup line. Her online store took off and in 2008 she launched her own line of cosmetics, LimeCrime. The company quickly took off and offers customers a unique variety of bold cosmetics. These cosmetics are marketed for the individual self-proclaimed unicorns of the world. LimeCrime has gained quite a following in its 7 years of business. Ms. Deere was also named one of the top Inspiring female Entreprenuers by Self-Made magazine. She also frequently speaks at various public events on promoting female businesses and entrepreneurship.

Bustle’s interview with Ms. Deere is a delightful read. It was very entertaining to read. Her motto is that you should wear what makes you happy. She truly believes that fashion is meant to be about pleasing your own creativity and not about conforming the rules of fashion. Ms. Deere strongly believes in living loudly and is truly an innovative fashion extraordinaire.