Ross Abelow Gives a Paw up to New York City’s Homeless Pets

One of New York City’s finest lawyers, Ross Martin Abelow has began a fundraiser to raise money for homeless animals and animal shelters in New York City. A long time resident, Mr. Abelow is hoping to raise enough money to ensure all the area shelters will have what they need to take care of the areas homeless animals. Most of these shelters are in desperate need of such things as blankets, vaccines, food, financial and medical resources. Ross Abelow is hoping to raise over $5,000 to help these area shelters.

As New York City’s winter temperatures begin to plummet, there are thousands of stray animals in the city that struggle to find food, shelter and a place of warmth to escape the brutal cold. Most animal shelters in New York struggle to find space for these neglected animals. The lack of financial resources to assist these abandoned animals puts incredible strain on area shelters. Due to the lack of space within the area shelters, most of these animals are not likely to survive the hàrsh winter.

During the winter months, many area shelters become more overcrowded than any other time of the year. Mr. Abelow is hoping to bring financial relief to be shelters so they can continue provide services to these abandoned animals. An estimated 15 million animals are brought into area shelters every year across the country, but only 25% of them are actually placed with a family. The number of animals that are put to sleep every year are reaching higher percentages, due to the amount of pets not being spayed or neutered, as well as over breeding caused by puppy mills. Mr. Abelow is hoping to prevent unnecessary animal deaths and give the areas shelters more time, space and resources to find these animals homes and families that will love them and keep them forever.

Mr.Abelow began his legal career when he was an undergraduate student at State University of New York. After receiving his bachelor’s degree he went on to attend the Brooklyn Law School graduating in 1989 with his Juris Doctor. Mr. Abelow understands the importance of family and went on to specialize in matrimonial and family law. After 26 years in a legal profession he became a partner with Abelow and Cassandro LLP. Since his retirement he continues to write legal articles and blogs that can be found on Crown Point, New York. He also has a personal blog that focuses on financial and legal advice.

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