Dick DeVos Continues to Bless Others

The United States was sent plummeting into a tailspin of confusion, whipped back into a stupor, and then brought together as one – in a fog of grief – as the death toll in Florida steadily climbed following a murderous shooting spree. On the eve of June 12, 2016, the predominately gay Florida nightclub, The Pulse was brimming with party goers who were, without warning or provocation, scared into bathroom stalls, pummeled as they attempted to hide behind furnishings and trampled as they tried to escape the barrage of gunfire and may-lay that suddenly rained down upon them, turning their night of fun, laughter and camaraderie into an unimaginable night of terror. Omar Mateen for reasons that could never truly explain his actions, shot into the night and killed dozens of innocent people, wounded many more and ultimately lost his life his well. Dick DeVos, the co-founder of Amway, did not sit idly by as these horrible events unfolded, gripping the hearts of all of those who viewed the carnage and the heart-wrenching stories of survival told by those who were fortunate to make it out of the blood bath alive. The Amway co-founder saw fit to bless the Foundation organized to help the victims of this horrifying tragedy in a huge way. His $500,000.00 gift was a combined offering from his Amway foundations and The Orlando Magic professional basketball team, which he owns. Though the tragedy can never be undone, the generous assistance of DeVos and his basketball team will go a long way in assisting with the many costs the victims of this senseless crime will incur. Though not magic or mystical, DeVos’ gift will assist in raising the spirits of those who will be forever changed by the events of June 12th. It is a blessing that the evil perpetrated by one stranger, can be dissipated by the blessing of yet another stranger; one the victims would never see coming, yet a kind soul that they will certainly appreciate as they experience relief brought by way of the blessing he has so generously provided.