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The Founding of Solo Capital Limited by Sanjay Shah.

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Sanjay Shah is a United Kingdom-based millionaire and the founder of Solo Capital. The headquarters of Solo Capital Limited are located in London, and the United Kingdom government regulates the company. It is an international financial boutique that was incorporated in September 2011. Mr. Shah started the firm in 2008 after his employer, a North London-based investment bank, declared his role at the enterprise redundant during a financial crisis. Being an ambitious man, he did not look for another job, but he instead decided to start his brokerage company.

Solo Capital began as a small company on the outskirts of London, and its operations were run by a few employees who worked from a small rented room. The company has developed over years, and it currently owns buildings that house its offices and provides employment to thousands of people in different parts of the world. It has been successful, and it makes huge annual returns. Sanjay has acquired various companies and grow his business empire with the profits that he gains from the firm. The company’s value was 67.45 million pounds in assets and 15.45 million pounds in net worth as of March 2015.

Mr. Shah was bred and studied in London after his family moved from Kenya when he was young. His parents were wealthy, and therefore, they resided in one of London’s prestigious estates. The career of Mr. Shah kicked off by him serving as a professional in the medical field, but he later quit due to lack of passion and joined the investment banking sector to work as an account. He was employed in various banks in North London before founding Solo Capital. Shah is currently worth millions of dollars at the age of forty-four.

Being a wealthy individual, Mr. Shah gives back to the society. He started Autism Rocks in 2014 as a charity organization that helps in informing the public on autism and raising money for research on the neurodevelopmental disorder. Sanjay’s last born son is affected by the condition, and this motivated him to start the foundation to help other children who are in the same state.


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