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Samsung Set to Reopen Talks with Desiree Perez’s Tidal

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In what could be a relief for Jay Z, Samsung has once again reignited talks to take control of Tidal. The struggling premium service has held on-and-off talks with the South Korean electronics manufacturer for years. Samsung believes that the new talks will yield positive results that will see it take control of Tidal. According to reliable sources from the electronic manufacturer, the company is working on something revolutionary.

Rumors also have it that Samsung had earlier on written a huge check to Kanye West. The check is believed to be an award for the popstar’s involvement in the much anticipated “Life of Pablo.”

Tidal insiders recently confirmed that the company is experiencing a financial turmoil. It is currently in a $10 million deficit despite attempts by Rihanna, Kanye and Beyonce to increase the number of subscribers to the business. Tidal has been struggling to pay its royalty bills prompting Jay Z to dig into his own pocket to make the business sustainable.

Other companies including Google and Spotify have also expressed interest in Tidal. They believe that acquiring the company will help them boost their own digital music services despite its current financial situation. Spotify wants to create a new interface and technology that could integrate Tidal with Spotify.

The business leader Desiree Perez will be deeply involved in whatever steps Tidal takes to rescue itself from crumbling financially. Desiree Perez is a close associate of Jay Z for over two decades. Perez has a long track record marked by positive outcomes in running SC Enterprises, Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sports. She is known for her tough demeanor including her history of street rap, which has attracted a lot of attention. She recently negotiated Beyonce Formation and was also responsible for the Samsung deal with Rihanna.

Perez is currently in charge of Tidal, a streaming service provider that was founded by Jay Z. Tidal features several artists including Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay Z himself. Users are required to open accounts and subcribe to streaming services at a fee. It has a large store composed of rap music and other genres. Tidal also gives users an option to import music to their own playlists. It supports OS X, Windows, iOS and Android Systems with web player and local player options available. The company was steadily building up to become one of the best streaming services until financial problems struck. Currently, it is struggling to attract more subscribers, and Jay Z might consider his options.

How Labaton Sucharow Is Assisting Whistleblowers To Achieve Success Before SEC

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As the SEC Whistleblower Program enters its sixth year, Labaton Sucharow celebrates success that has come with them working to help individuals get the right rewards whenever they expose securities violations. One of the recently reported cases highlights a payout where a whistleblower earned more than $17 million for giving facts that led to the arrest of individuals perpetrating violations in the financial services industry.


This is said to be the second best paid whistleblower by the SEC since the body was incepted and there are more efforts to have similar cases pursued and brought into the limelight. To Labaton Sucharow, it is a major achievement since this is their client and it shows how their competent team worked to ensure the whistleblower is compensated as required. The law firm has also achieved similar success in the past and they are confident those who choose their services in the future will get a reason to celebrate.


Both the SEC and Labaton Sucharow view this as a unique case since the people mentioned are influential and important in the financial markets. There is a probability many other individuals knew about the violations but could not report because of the persons involved in the heist.


Therefore, it proves that confidence and courage is pushing many whistleblowers to present their cases to the SEC and the future of the SEC could see more people come out to expose hidden secrets, cites Jordan Thomas, a Labaton Sucharow SEC Whistleblower attorney and the chair of the Whistleblower Representation Practice.


About the SEC Whistleblower Program

The SEC Whistleblower Program was launched in 2010 and has been pursuing cases of securities violations using information presented by whistleblowers. The body came in with new regulations that have changed the way whistleblowers report cases and has heightened security and protections that whistleblowers enjoy. Some of the rights issued to whistleblowers include anonymity when reporting and employment protection. The SEC also allows international reporting, so you can report violations from any part of the world. Learn more:


About Labaton Sucharow

Labaton Sucharow, incepted more than 50 years ago, is a U.S. law firm that deals with cases involving companies, organizations and individuals, especially business litigation. They have also established a practice that assists whistleblowers looking to present facts to the SEC and their main role in this case has been advising and guiding the whistleblowers to ensure they receive the highest possible compensation.


Fabletics: Fashion for the Gym

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Fabletics is one of the newest fashion fitness crazes to hit the market. Co-founded by the lovable Kate Hudson, Fabletics is taking on high priced active-wear companies like Lulumon by offering similarly chic options for a mere fraction of the price. We all know that fitness wear is not restricted to the yoga studio or gym anymore, but fitness wear with a flair gives women and men the inspiration to get active wherever they are.

Kate Hudson is more than just a celebrity spokesperson, she is actively involved in the Fabletics Brand. As a mother and fitness enthusiast, she is proud to bring a fun and affordable active wear brand to others like herself. Fun is the key word when it comes to Fabletics, the brand has spectacular options in a wide range of colors and prints.
What They’re All About

The Fabletics line is also more like a full-service stylist. Paired with your input, the website will automatically generate personalized outfit recommendations for you. If you prefer traditional shopping, design your own: have fun with this, there are literally thousands of different styles to choose from! Whether you need a new yoga outfit, something to pep up your gym routine, or that perfect pair of running pants, they’ve got it.

One of the most exciting things about Fabletics is their VIP club. While their prices remain extremely low compared to competitors, they also offer a steep discount if you join their VIP program. Join and you will automatically be offered an outfit of your choice for $49.95. That means a high quality top and bottom for cheaper then something you’d spend at a bargain department store. If you don’t want your outfit any month, all you have to do is select to skip the purchase. Do this by the fifth of the month and you aren’t charged at all. Forget, and you still get to keep the credited money on, just pick your outfit out at another time. The VIP club membership is cancelable at anytime, but who would want to miss out on this extraordinary deal?

Fabletics makes top quality athletic clothes that you can really live in. They are stretchy, moisture resistant, and easy on the body when working out. Stylish and sleek on, stand out against the crowd in these unique workout outfits tailored to fit your personal taste. Reviews Wen By Chaz For The Masses

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The person who want to stop their hair from being so thin can use WEN by Chaz, and they have to be sure that they have used something they know will help them care for their hair. Split ends are very hard to deal with, and people who have a problem with their hair shedding in the summer should consider how much easier it would be to use this shampoo over others. The shampoo has a lot of different ingredients that treat hair, and that is why they want to use something like Wen by Chaz. reviewed the shampoo with help from a writer who had very thin blonde hair. She was looking for a better shampoo, and that is why she wanted to do the test. She took a lot of pictures while she was washing her hair, and she made sure that she showed how much easier it would be to wash hair using this shampoo. She washer her hair completely, and she used the pictures to show how easy it is to use this shampoo.

Someone who is trying to make their hair look better will use Wen by Chaz for better results, and they need to be sure that they are following the tips that are in the article. The article explains how her hair felt when she washed it the right way, and the article gives tips for people who are using it for the first time. The shampoo allowed the writer to style her hair, and it looked shinier than it had in a long time. The smile on her face said a lot about how successful the shampoo was, and everyone who wants to get similar results should try Wen by Chaz to wash their hair. It is that easy to make hair healthier. Need WEN? These products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online through Visit the WENsite:


ConnectUs Already Saving Prison Services Millions of Dollars

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Dallas-based security firm Securus launched ConnectUs in over 3400 correctional facilities. ConnectUs is a computerized prison Forms and Grievance Application platform. The platform is anchored in the prison service systems. The technology is expected to be a game changer. In places where it is operational, significant benefits are evident.

Prison service officer handles different types of documents when processing inmates. Lately, grievances top this list of papers that prison officers have to handle. Manual documentation is tantamount to security and safety concerns especially when it comes to claims, complaints against the prison service.

Securus expected that through ConnectUs, grievances and application forms could be accessed, filled, submitted and retrieved quickly. According to the company’s Vice President in charge of marketing and strategy, Russell Roberts, the company is committed to a continuous technological progress. They see innovation as the only way to make services better.

The automated filling system will reduce the time spent in inspecting and processing manual forms by 65%. The pressure on the correctional facilities officers’ has been enormous lately. The saved time will go a long way in relieving some of that burden. Correction officers will use the time in rehabilitation efforts. Rehabilitation efforts have endured significant levels of neglect in the recent times.

All forms of documentation are available via the platform. Securus made the platform in such a way that prison officers can determine which documents are available and which ones are not at any given time. Special request forms of general grievance forms are all available on ConnectUs. ConnectUs connects prison officers in incarceration centers, prisoners, and other relevant departments.

According to Chief Kolitwenzew from Kankakee County, IL, the justice department is saving a lot on printing and paper costs. With this cost reduction methods, prisons can run more efficiently and successfully to rehabilitate criminals.