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ConnectUs Already Saving Prison Services Millions of Dollars

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Dallas-based security firm Securus launched ConnectUs in over 3400 correctional facilities. ConnectUs is a computerized prison Forms and Grievance Application platform. The platform is anchored in the prison service systems. The technology is expected to be a game changer. In places where it is operational, significant benefits are evident.

Prison service officer handles different types of documents when processing inmates. Lately, grievances top this list of papers that prison officers have to handle. Manual documentation is tantamount to security and safety concerns especially when it comes to claims, complaints against the prison service.

Securus expected that through ConnectUs, grievances and application forms could be accessed, filled, submitted and retrieved quickly. According to the company’s Vice President in charge of marketing and strategy, Russell Roberts, the company is committed to a continuous technological progress. They see innovation as the only way to make services better.

The automated filling system will reduce the time spent in inspecting and processing manual forms by 65%. The pressure on the correctional facilities officers’ has been enormous lately. The saved time will go a long way in relieving some of that burden. Correction officers will use the time in rehabilitation efforts. Rehabilitation efforts have endured significant levels of neglect in the recent times.

All forms of documentation are available via the platform. Securus made the platform in such a way that prison officers can determine which documents are available and which ones are not at any given time. Special request forms of general grievance forms are all available on ConnectUs. ConnectUs connects prison officers in incarceration centers, prisoners, and other relevant departments.

According to Chief Kolitwenzew from Kankakee County, IL, the justice department is saving a lot on printing and paper costs. With this cost reduction methods, prisons can run more efficiently and successfully to rehabilitate criminals.