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Stem Cell Therapy Is A Real Option With The Lung Institute

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The lungs are some of the body organs that are most susceptible to sickness and damage. Lung cancer and maladies affecting breathing are extremely common. The tissues of the lungs are very delicate, yet are now known to have repair potential through stem cell therapy.

In a recent article by PR Web online, introduction of repetitive lung stem cells is less complicated than almost any other cell therapy. Lung stems cells are extracted from a patient’s own bone and marrow sources. They are introduced into the body through a simple IV pathway. After entering the bloodstream, these cells are transported to the right side of the heart and injected naturally into the lungs. From there, they attach to tissues and begin a regenerative process that aids the lungs in combating many diseases and abnormal functions.

The Lung Institute is at the forefront of stem cell research that provides excellent treatment for people suffering from a variety of chronic lung ailments. It composes research and application of leading lung and heart specialists into a clinical model that rushes complete care to patients needing a host of treatment options.

Stem cell therapy for lung disease is a viable and successful method of treatment at the Lung Institute. According to the Lung Institute website, this professional facility recognizes the power of using one’s own cells to spark healing as a world class medical treatment. The Lung Institute is famous for minimally invasive treatments that incorporate stem cell research into traditional lung disease treatment protocols. Its staff is at the forefront of bringing new stem cell breakthroughs to the public, while offering advanced treatment options to people needing continued lung disease therapies.

The goal of the Lung Institute‘s stem cell therapies is to generate an entirely new and reliable system of introducing stem cells that trigger specified tissue growth. Stem cell introduction encourages platelet manufacturing and the natural elimination of diseased lung tissue. Stem cells are incredible for their ability to replicate new tissue, while curbing the influence of diseased tissue. The Lung Institute is hopeful that their system of patient interaction and therapy will result in solid methods for treating common lung diseases like cancer, COPD, and other chronic illnesses. For more info, visit


George Street Photo and video of Chicagoland

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Whether you are looking for photos or video, George Street Photography and Video is there to mark this blessed occasion.

Engagements and weddings are not just special dates,they are memories of which you will want to revisit time and time again through the years.

Preserve the memories of your most special day…either through photos or photos and video, your day will be captured for all time just as you envisioned it.

Our professional photographers will work with you to ensure that you have the timeless classic and eloquent atmosphere to capture every moment as your event unfolds.

The professional photographers at G are professional and experienced . your photo experience will be set in a stress-free environment to provide the highest quality memories available in Chicago.

Are the San Francisco ’49ers named after people panning for paper?

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Why would you leave your job and family behind? Would you do it just on the “spur of the moment” or would you only do it “if you could become very wealthy, in a very short amount of time?”


Throughout history, gold has attracted those who wanted to change their lives dramatically. The Spanish signed up many Conquistadors who wanted to make money quickly in the “New World.” There was not only a gold rush in California, but also in the Yukon and Australia.


“There is gold in them ‘thar hills”


The San Francisco 49ers National Football League team was named after the California gold rush of 1849. Their uniforms even include the color gold. One of the largest banks in the country owes its beginnings to the California gold rush.


As the prospectors found their gold nuggets, they needed to sell them to banks for paper currency notes. This bank exchanged paper notes for the gold nuggets. Now, more than a century later, the bank still is quite valuable because it based its foundation on gold.


“Panning for Paper”


Trees are everywhere. No one is going to leave his job and “pan for paper.” But, the “so-called currency in your wallet is made of paper.” Does it have any intrinsic value? No.


When you build up your estate, you need assets that have intrinsic wealth. You don’t take a piece of paper and write the number – “100” – on it and pretend you have more wealth, do you?


Likewise, the wealthy understand that the only solid, tangible asset is something that is “intrinsically valuable.” Paper is not wealth. Paper is a receipt. Paper is an IOU.


“US Money Reserve Protects Wealth”


Wealth management is about adding really valuable assets to your portfolio. You don’t need any rusty wrecks from the junkyard. You don’t need any paper equity shares of a defunct corporation.


Learn from the past and add the “always-valuable” gold to your wealth portfolio. This stands the test of time. US Money Reserve has a wide variety of different gold products to choose from. You can even add gold to your IRA.


Throughout history, a small amount of gold could be “life-changing.” People gained a new lease on life. Why not learn from history and add a little bit of gold to your wealth portfolio? “There is gold in them ‘thar wealth portfolios.”

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