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Are the San Francisco ’49ers named after people panning for paper?

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Why would you leave your job and family behind? Would you do it just on the “spur of the moment” or would you only do it “if you could become very wealthy, in a very short amount of time?”


Throughout history, gold has attracted those who wanted to change their lives dramatically. The Spanish signed up many Conquistadors who wanted to make money quickly in the “New World.” There was not only a gold rush in California, but also in the Yukon and Australia.


“There is gold in them ‘thar hills”


The San Francisco 49ers National Football League team was named after the California gold rush of 1849. Their uniforms even include the color gold. One of the largest banks in the country owes its beginnings to the California gold rush.


As the prospectors found their gold nuggets, they needed to sell them to banks for paper currency notes. This bank exchanged paper notes for the gold nuggets. Now, more than a century later, the bank still is quite valuable because it based its foundation on gold.


“Panning for Paper”


Trees are everywhere. No one is going to leave his job and “pan for paper.” But, the “so-called currency in your wallet is made of paper.” Does it have any intrinsic value? No.


When you build up your estate, you need assets that have intrinsic wealth. You don’t take a piece of paper and write the number – “100” – on it and pretend you have more wealth, do you?


Likewise, the wealthy understand that the only solid, tangible asset is something that is “intrinsically valuable.” Paper is not wealth. Paper is a receipt. Paper is an IOU.


“US Money Reserve Protects Wealth”


Wealth management is about adding really valuable assets to your portfolio. You don’t need any rusty wrecks from the junkyard. You don’t need any paper equity shares of a defunct corporation.


Learn from the past and add the “always-valuable” gold to your wealth portfolio. This stands the test of time. US Money Reserve has a wide variety of different gold products to choose from. You can even add gold to your IRA.


Throughout history, a small amount of gold could be “life-changing.” People gained a new lease on life. Why not learn from history and add a little bit of gold to your wealth portfolio? “There is gold in them ‘thar wealth portfolios.”

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