MB2 Dental Solutions has Improved Dental Services Quality Through Group Practice and Sole Practitioner Models Combination

MB2 Dental Solutions is one of the Texas’s’ leading organizations in the provision of dental services since 2009. The organization operates as a group of dentists and other practice owners throughout the nation. From their affiliated offices they offer a huge range of services where they serve their patients under the control of required standards and patient care as the industry regulates. They always focus on maintaining a full clinical autonomy through their talented team to make sure that everything done in the organization is efficiently carried out.

It operates as a development as well as a dental management firm, run by a team of dentists. The firm’s grand objective is to ensure that patients always come first before the realization of profits. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD is the founder and the CEO of MB2 Dental who started the firm with a motive of improving the quality of services offered by dentists. He was apparently exasperated by the ways in which the group practice and individual practice models operated in the industry. Villanueva yearned for a working environment where the dentists worked as professional practitioners with integrity and still earn their profits. The founder and other stakeholders wanted to achieve a mission of combining the pros of group practices and individual practitioners as they eliminate the cons of each model. The mission is not a mission anymore but rather a reality because MB2 Dental Solutions has been able to open and operate more than 60 offices and has over 75 employees within the few years of operation.

Among the management team members is Justin Puckett who serves the firm as the president. He possesses a vast experience in the industry which he acquired from his previous endeavors including working as the Transactional Attorney at Andrews Kurth, LLP. Justin Carroll is the Chief Operating Officer of MB2 Dental Solutions and possesses a great experience as a private equity investor as well as a strategy and operations improvement consultant. Having over 25 years of practice in accounting and finance field is Ark Fuller serving the organization as the Chief Finance Officer. The overseer of daily transactions at MB2 Dental is Martha Alikacem, Esq holding the Chief Revenue Officer position. Others include Andy Davis serving as the VP of Acquisitions, Mayra Vazquez as the VP of information Technology and procurement, Susan Huff as the VP of Business Development and Anna Phillips as the Director of Market Strategy. Dr. Villanueva understood well how the industry operates and together with the knowledge gained from previous experiences he was able to maintain a doctor clinical autonomy at MB2 Dental Solutions.