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The Remarkable Work of Helane Morrison at the SEC.

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Helane Morrison is an accomplished San Francisco-based attorney who once worked for the SEC. She has had an exceptional performance as an employee of the U.S government and in the private sector. The attorney graduated from the University of California where she got a bachelor’s degree in law. She started working with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1996 and was assigned to serve the San Francisco District Office. Helane offered exceptional services that assisted her to be offered top offices at the organization. She headed San Francisco’s enforcement department and spearheaded several investigation undertakings. Her office revealed fraudulent activities of the employees of Hewlett-Packard, Google, NextCard, Inc., Dean Witter, HBO, and New York’s Republic Securities. The SEC later promoted her to serve as the chief of the San Francisco District.


Her head of district office was in charge of the analysis and enforcement that were carried out within the San Francisco District’s jurisdiction. It covers Montana, North California, Oregon, Alaska, Washington, and North Nevada. Her direct seniors were based in the Pacific Regional Offices, which are Los Angeles-based. David Bayles formerly served as the San Francisco District’s head, and Helane filled her position after he was employed by the Morrison & Forester law company.


Helane can be described as a successful woman since there have been only three other female district chiefs at the SEC. The rest are Carmen Lawrence, Mary Keefe, and Valerie Capron. Her service was exceptional as the San Francisco administrator, and she ensured that the public got sufficient information on securities. She also strived to assist the SEC in enforcing regulatory compliance in the North Western States of the U.S Morrison’s other duties at the organization included acting on its behalf in business transactions, financial groups, legal issues, and government institutions.


The lawyer’s career in the private sector was also fruitful. After graduating from the university, she got a job at the San Francisco-based Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Morrison joined the firm as an attorney in 1986 and was an associate from 1991 to 1996 when she joined the SEC. Her responsibilities at the law firm included serving as a lawyer in private company investigations, private securities, corporate lawsuits, and SEC related litigations. Helane also helped stock trading businesses and middlemen during arbitration. Morrison retired from the SEC, and she is the Hall Capital Partners’ chief compliance officer. She offers excellent services and is highly renowned in the corporate world.